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Lose weight, lower your A1c, and reduce your medication with GlucoseZone.

  • GlucoseZone has been an amazing journey that change my life, and my health with diabetes. I am in the best shape ever!! All because of the caring people at GlucoseZone. I am truly grateful!

  • Huge thanks to Charles and the GlucoseZone for being there to give new life to diabetics like me. I am living my reversed life to the fullest and feeling blessed after my journey from A1c 11.6 to 5.6, then to 5.3!

  • I’m a type 2 with one leg amputated. Your chair strength level one has made a huge difference in my life. A1C from 12.7 to 7.2 in 3 months. Thank you for your marvelous program.

    Donny Ray
  • I have been following you on YouTube and been exercising for nearly one year and the great news is that I have lost a few pounds and my A1C decreased from 8.2 to 6. Thanks once again, it really feel good to know that there are people who really cares and helps.

  • In 2015, I was diagnosed with type 2 with A1C 11.4 and put on 3 medications. My doctor told me that I would never get off meds and I would not be able to reverse my diabetes but a year later, my A1C is 5.8 and I am off all my meds because of GLUCOSEZONE

  • My Neuropathy has decrease and my eye doctor told me that I reverse my eye damage and so far he has not done laser surgery. I was going blind due to diabetic damage. I can see better now. GlucoseZone you're my heroes. You saved my life. You are part of my tools to survive.

    JM BW

The first digital exercise solution for diabetes.

Exercise for your diabetes.

At GlucoseZone we understand that exercise is different for people living with diabetes starting with the need to check blood sugar. GlucoseZone helps you safely exercise with diabetes to meet your diabetes and exercise goals.

Created by people living with diabetes.

We get you.

        I founded GlucoseZone out of my own personal frustration with the lack of guidance and information related to exercise and diabetes available to me. Now, with each person we help, it becomes clearer that GlucoseZone is the missing link in diabetes management.

Charlie O’Connell

GlucoseZone Founder

Exercise guidance for your diabetes.

What you get.

GlucoseZone provides guidance and support based on your individual diabetes needs. GlucoseZone gives you exercises for weightloss, A1c improvement, and increased insulin sensitivity.

On demand exercise and guidance.

We fit your schedule.


Daily live and interactive workouts based on your real time glucose levels! Connect with our digital coaches for guidance and support!

On Demand

On demand video library lets you pick the perfect workout for your abilities, goals, and lifestyle.

On The Go

Take the GlucoseZone with you. Exercise anywhere, anytime with workouts for the gym and outdoors!

Are you ready to start having success?

Take control of your diabetes.

Diabetes App

Digital coaches are here to help.

We are here for you.

Chat with a digital coach during live workout sessions. Our digital coaches can see the medications you’ve taken that day, the food you’ve eaten, along with your real time blood sugars and assist you with any questions or concerns during your workout!

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