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Welcome to the GlucoseZone!

Every Tuesday and Thursday night we hear from so many people from all over the world who are committed to reducing and controlling their diabetes by joining us in the GlucoseZone live on YouTube, Facebook, and in the app. If you’ve never heard of us before, then you’re probably asking yourself, just what exactly is the GlucoseZone anyways?

First off, welcome! We’re glad you found us.

The GlucoseZone is a one of a kind digital community of people all over the world who are taking back control of their lives by taking the fight to diabetes. If you are a person living with diabetes, then this is your invitation to join us.

GlucoseZone was developed as a solution to a very real problem. Everybody knows that exercise is good for people with diabetes. But not everybody understands that exercise is fundamentally different for people who live with diabetes.

The type of diabetes you have, medications you are on, time of day, duration of activity, any limitations or adjustments that you need to make to perform exercise, and how food and insulin come into play are all factors that contribute to exercising with diabetes. But all too often healthcare providers don’t explain how these factors work, and we can experience real obstacles to having success with exercise. Sound familiar?

Enter the GlucoseZone app. It was developed to give different workouts based on your real time glucose levels. It also connects you to our digital coaches, who can talk to you directly and see the diabetes information you’ve shared with us. They can not only see your blood glucose levels but also give feedback based on the medication you are taking to manage your diabetes, and answer any questions you have surrounding diabetes and exercise. The app gives you 24/7 availability so you can:

  • Meet the exercise requirement of diabetes management of 150 minutes per week from a library of workouts
  • Work out whenever is best for you depending on your schedule and personal daily blood glucose fluctuations
  • Flexibility if you have pre-diabetes and don’t test your blood sugar
  • Diabetes talks based on the latest information and your feedback
  • An approach to diabetes that helps you understand how the science applies to you
  • A new way to manage your diabetes harnessing the power of exercise
  • A community of people who understand your experience and are available to support you in your diabetes journey

The library of workouts in the GlucoseZone app were all designed by fitness and diabetes professionals who understand that success with diabetes and exercise centers around these three goals:

  1. Improved sensitivity to insulin
  2. Healthy fat metabolism
  3. Building muscle

With these three key components in mind, the app provides the individualized support you need to reach your personal fitness goals, whatever they might be.

The best part is you can access the GlucoseZone app right now. You can start your 7 day free trial by downloading the app from our website or from the app store.

We can’t wait to hear from you in the GlucoseZone!