Matt Walton | GlucoseZone
Matt WaltonChief Operating Officer

Matt Walton (“Uncle Matt”) serves as Chief Operating Officer for Fitscript where he is responsible to operations, finance and administration. Over the course of a thirty year career, Uncle Matt has served as both a founder and senior executive at large and small enterprises, successfully started and sold three information technology companies; provided consulting services to several hundred major corporations, served as President and CEO of a large alcohol and drug treatment center; and both founded and chaired a standards organization focused on the development of open data interoperability standards for critical medical, emergency management and homeland security missions.

“GlucoseZone is offering the ‘health’ in the health care for people with diabetes.  We at Fitscript are not going to stop until every person with diabetes has the chance to take control of their disease with GlucoseZone, and build for themselves an empowered, healthy future.”