LaurieAnn Scher MS, RD, CDE | GlucoseZone
LaurieAnn Scher MS, RD, CDEVice President of Partnerships and Integration

LaurieAnn Scher  MS, RD, CDE is the Vice President of Partnerships and Integration and Certified Diabetes Educator for Fitscript.  To help people the world over with diabetes achieve the best possible outcome, she searches out and embraces new technologies and ideas to advance the utilization of exercise in the management of diabetes.  With an undergraduate degree in Clinical Nutrition from Cornell University and a Masters in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University, Teachers College, she applies innovations in nutrition, exercise and diabetes to the current practice of digital diabetes management.  LaurieAnn is comfortable with challenging the status quo to improve diabetes care recognizing that while diabetes may be similar as a disease state, not everything works for all people all of the time.  Join LaurieAnn to help discover how to manage your diabetes in the GlucoseZone.