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Leap into the New Year With Diabetes

The New Year is almost here. Leap into the new year with a new attitude towards your diabetes. Decide now that this is the year you are going to care for your body the way it needs to be cared for. You don’t need to think of it negatively, sure, no one wants to have diabetes, but look at it as an opportunity to improve your health. These same eating and exercise habits will help your body fight heart disease, many cancers and poor health from inactivity and poor eating habits.

In 2018 take small steps to improve your health. Get the sleep that you need. Meditate when you are stressed. Take your medication as directed. Check your feet for cuts or scrapes. Check your blood sugars to see how it responds to food and exercise.

Type 2 diabetes is your body telling you that it cannot handle the amount of carbohydrates that you have been eating. Give your body what it needs.

  • Purge your cabinet and refrigerator of foods that don’t make you feel good
  • Schedule your exercise into your calendar – join us in the GlucoseZone
  • Partner with us by signing up for the GlucoseZone app to improve your health, work out with other people who have diabetes and be part of an innovative movement that puts you back in control of your health.  

Type 2 diabetes is also your body telling you that you are not moving it enough. Human beings are meant to move. We are meant to be physical. Literally, get moving!  Visualize a runner, a dancer, a fighter whichever moves you!

Recognize that others may not practice healthy behaviors but that is ok because you are going to do what is good for your body – you are special that way!

Applaud yourself for taking care of yourself.  It is not always easy but each time you take your medication, check your blood sugar, choose a healthy menu option or join us in the GlucoseZone, you are doing your body a favor and improving your health!

For more information on how to kick off 2018, watch the video below!