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Wellness program

Wellness program providers are leading the way in improving employee health by implementing healthy behavior change throughout a whole corporate population. Some corporations may need to focus on specific disease states which is where GlucoseZone can help. Let us help you continue to reduce costs and increase productivity of employees included in the diabetes population.

Self-insured entities

Health care costs associated with diabetes can be very high. By implementing GlucoseZone into your wellness plan your employees will be able to better manage their disease while improving their diabetes metrics lowering their risk of developing costly complications related to diabetes.

Hospital Systems


Help reduce your healthcare costs and promote of hospital of wellness. GlucoseZone is the innovative way of improving the lifestyle of your employees with diabetes by promoting physical activity into their diabetes management.


GlucosesZone can be a valuable resource for your patients that are included in your ACO. By reducing the complication associated with diabetes you will be able to decrease the dollars spent on the diabetes population within your ACO.

Health Plans

Improve the health of the clients your serve by providing GlucoseZone as a covered benefit. GlucoseZone will help them manage their diabetes in safe and effective way.

Diabetes and Other Health Organizations

Exercise has a major impact on how diabetes is managed. By partnering with Organizations we can bring more attention to the importance of exercise and make an impact in the diabetes world by slowing or halting the progression of diabetes or the complications associated with the disease.

Diabetes Related Product Manufacturers

GlucoseZone uses real-time glucose levels to determine safe and effective exercise. We look to partner with diabetes devices to ensure an seamless implementation of our program.

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