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How to Be Successful At Your Next Doctor’s Visit

Every 3 months like clockwork, you visit your doctor to discuss your diabetes. Preparing for your doctor’s visits is one of the most important things that you can do. You want to be prepared so that you can get all your questions answered in the amount of time that is allotted and don’t forget important questions that come up between visits.  Remember to bring your insurance card, picture ID and any supplemental insurance cards.

Keep a running list of questions on your phone or a pad between visits that you can use to guide your visits. This will prevent you from forgetting your questions or concerns between visits and help you paint a better picture for your doctor.

This list should include:

  • Pains you are experiencing
  • Sleeping issues
  • Changes in family situation, mental health issues, insurance issues or finances that may impact your ability to care for your diabetes

Bring your blood glucose logs or glucometer readings and share the highlights, trends or overall picture to give your Healthcare Provider a picture of what is going on.

Share your (CGM) Continuous Glucose Meter logs or readout and highlight what is usual and what is unusual

Bring any other health records that you have gotten between visits if you have visited other doctors including:

    • podiatrist or retinologists for diabetes care, confirm that your doctor has gotten a report about that visit
    • the ER or urgent care facilities

Bring a complete list of your medications with full names and dosages.

Let your doctor know of any hypo or hyperglycemic events

Inform your doctor of any changes to your intake, especially if you are on a hypoglycemic agent (Insulin, meglitinides, sulfonylureas) and you are thinking of lowering your carbohydrate intake

Inform your doctor when you start working out in the GlucoseZone and discuss a plan of action for when your insulin sensitivity improves.

A successful doctor’s visit takes some planning. Being prepared in advance can prevent you from leaving the visit feeling like you should have, could have, or didn’t ask the questions that you wanted to ask!

About the Author:

LaurieAnn Scher  MS, RD, CDE is the diabetes educator for GlucoseZone.  With over 30 years in practice, she embraces new technologies and ideas that are grounded in human physiology to help people with diabetes achieve the best outcome.  With an undergraduate degree in Clinical Nutrition from Cornell University and a Masters in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University, Teachers College, she is comfortable applying innovations in nutrition, exercise and diabetes to the current practice of diabetes management.  LaurieAnn is comfortable with challenging the status quo to personalize diabetes care recognizing that while diabetes may be similar as a disease state, not everything works for all people all of the time.  Join LaurieAnn to help discover how to manage your diabetes in the GlucoseZone.