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Controlling Type 1 Diabetes With GlucoseZone


When it comes to controlling type 1 diabetes, it’s not about having perfect diabetes it as about how you react when you are confronted with challenging circumstances. With a positive mindset, it is possible to control and have success with your fitness goals.

Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not make insulin.  Insulin is a hormone that is required for the body to use glucose for energy and fat storage. Exercise in people who have type 1 diabetes is different because the insulin that is injected does not completely match the action of insulin that is produced by the body. It takes longer to start working and lasts longer in the body.

Regular exercise helps people with type 1 diabetes manage their blood sugars on a daily basis by:

    • Improving insulin sensitivity
      • With improved insulin sensitivity, less insulin is needed by the body to cover carbohydrates consumed
      • Less insulin is needed for the cell to take up glucose for energy
    • Lowering circulating blood sugar levels by using the glucose for fuel
    • Increasing muscle mass thereby creating increased glycogen storage sites
    • Utilizing fat for energy
      • decreases the body’s insulin sensitivity that results from excess fat deposits
      • Helps maintain a healthy body weight

When a person with type 1 diabetes plans to exercise, they must make sure that their insulin requirements are met with the proper amount of injected insulin. Glucose utilization during activity requires insulin, but having too much insulin present in your body prevents your body from using fat as a fuel source when needed. Always match the insulin presence to the fuel that is required for the activity being performed.

Managing Diabetes can be a frustrating roller coaster, that’s why we created a program that can help you better control your blood sugar levels during exercise. GlucoseZone was designed by people living with Diabetes for people living with Diabetes. When participating in the GlucoseZone workouts, blood sugar is taken before, during, and after the workout. Safety, effectiveness and fun are key components to help you get and stay healthy.  Welcome to the GlucoseZone, so glad you have joined us!

By LaurieAnn Scher, MS, RD, CDE


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