The Benefits of Tracking Blood Sugars

Checking blood sugars is important in diabetes management. Whenever you go to your health care provider, they ask to see your logbook. What is the preoccupation with blood sugar numbers? Why do [...]

How to Build a Diabetes Support Team

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed for years, it is a good idea to have a diabetes support team in place. Your support team is there to help you navigate your way through [...]

Reduce, Reverse, Control Type 2 Diabetes with Exercise

By now, most people know that exercise is good for people living with diabetes. But what does exercise do to help manage your diabetes? Improved insulin sensitivity- exercise helps the body use [...]

Working Out Harder Isn’t Always Smarter

You’ve seen the quote and memes “No Pain, No Gain”, well, that is not the truth. You can still get great exercise without being in pain during the session or the day(s) after. Physical well-being [...]

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