Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Navigating the spring holidays, celebrations, and family events and all that they entail can be an emotional time especially when we add diabetes to the mix. We know how stressful managing [...]

Protein doesn’t raise your blood sugar, right?

You’ve probably heard a lot of information about carbohydrates because they have an obvious and direct effect on our blood glucose levels. But what about protein? There’s much less information on [...]

Spring Into Diabetes!

Keeping the spring in your step is more than just a saying for those of us living with diabetes—it’s a goal to work toward keeping our feet healthy and avoid common complications. Most of us have [...]

The Benefits of Green Juice

Let’s get right to it: Green juice is one of our best tools for diabetes management. Why do we recommend it so much? To have success with reducing, reversing, or controlling diabetes, [...]

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