Leap into the New Year With Diabetes

The New Year is almost here. Leap into the new year with a new attitude towards your diabetes. Decide now that this is the year you are going to care for your body the way it needs to be cared [...]

How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

There is much controversy around carbohydrate intake, some experts say that you don’t need ANY carbs and others say that you need at least 130 g/day.  At the GlucoseZone, we will work with you [...]

We’re Making a Music Video, and We Want YOU In It!

Hey Guys! For the past several months, we have been working with TheMadFanatic to create a music album to inspire people to take the fight to diabetes.   The first song is titled “Not the Type”, [...]

Exercising with Diabetes During the Holidays

The holiday season can make staying on track with your diet and exercise difficult. Poor eating habits during the holiday season can lead to weight gain for many people. Exercising during the [...]

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