Why Me? How Did I Get Diabetes?

Denial, frustration, resentment, self pity, and depression are all normal feelings and reactions associated with the diagnosis of Diabetes. In this special episode of Diabetes Talk, Special [...]

My Family Doesn’t Understand My Diabetes

Now that all the leftovers are gone, and your house is back in order, your mind can turn to how you as a person with diabetes survived the holidays. Did your family treat you differently? Did [...]

Exercise App Helps Control Diabetes

(via WTNH) — November is American Diabetes Month, so News 8 sat down with the C.E.O of the GlucoseZone App, which helps manage the disease. The GlucoseZone App is the first-ever app created to [...]

My Co-Worker Has Diabetes

If you work, most likely, a coworker of yours has diabetes, pre-diabetes or is undiagnosed.   According to Kaiser Family Foundation data, for a company with 1,000 employees, 120 employees have [...]

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