Reduce, Reverse, Control Type 2 Diabetes with Exercise

By now, most people know that exercise is good for people living with diabetes. But what does exercise do to help manage your diabetes? Improved insulin sensitivity- exercise helps the body use [...]

Controlling Type 1 Diabetes With GlucoseZone

When it comes to controlling type 1 diabetes, it’s not about having perfect diabetes it as about how you react when you are confronted with challenging circumstances. With a positive mindset, it [...]

I Have Pre-Diabetes What Does That Mean?

Pre-Diabetes is elevated blood sugar levels that are above normal but not high enough to be considered full blown diabetes.  Many health professionals think that calling it “pre” allows people to [...]

I’m Scared of My Number

Does the fear of what number your blood sugar is at currently prevent you from testing? Well, you’re not alone but it doesn’t have to be like that! Try to think of blood sugar numbers merely as [...]